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"Only change is constant", the sayings go,
Indeed the people has gone with the flow,
Yet in the ever changing tide of time,
Humanity will always find a rhyme.

Gone is the era of verses, maybe,
But love has not banished its poetry,
For every weary heart that love renews,
These Verses and rhymes paint beautiful hue.

by Arnel Oroceo
Quatrains in Iambic Pentameter
with an AABB Rhyme Scheme

There is more to life than what the naked eyes can see,
even in silence, you can listen to what the ears cannot hear. 
There are places we can reach;
farther than where our feet can take us. 
Only he who has the heart can take on life head on: 
a heart with the courage to love; 
a heart with the love that strengthens,
and a heart that draws power from faith.
Reality stings oftentimes. 
You don't always get the best share in everything under the sun. 
Nevertheless, you find consolation:
in knowing that you have a part in the entire history of humanity
no matter how small you may think it is.
There's always hope. 
It'll keep you skating through life with all its hurdles.
In all of life’s triumphs, God is there to rejoice with you. 
In all of life’s defeats, He is there to rescue you. 
God’s goodness knows no season. 
No one who calls on Him will ever be shamed.

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